Two Prayerful-Meditations & 2020 Tarot Card Guidance

Artwork by Melody Smith

From Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) show aired on January 5, 2020

I will share the Tarot card from Tori Hartman’s “Chakra Wisdom Tarot” that I drew for YOU, our TRM listener community today; That guidance for 2020 in a moment.

First, two prayer-meditations requests. Rather than DO those right here, right now, please do them sometime today when you can sit quietly and focus. And while you sit, do what you do, to call in higher support and protection.

This practice is partially inspired by Lama Tsultrim Allione’s teaching of Chod, from her book “Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict;” A practice developed by a female, eleventh century Buddhist teacher, named Machig Lobdron.

In the first prayer-meditation, focus on just one fire in Australia. Pretty sure you can locate a map on-line, showing where all the fires are burning in Australia. Once you’ve chosen just one fire to focus on, then focus on the root or original spark of that fire. Notice, beside you is a trash can full of water that is precisely what that particular fire needs in order to completly quell it’s thirst and completly extinguish the fire. Somehow, the large container of water is light as a feather. You pick it up and pour it over the core-center of that fire, spilling out all the water until the very last drop completely extinguishes that fire. That is All. Now, withdraw your Energy.

In the second prayer-meditation, focus on the energies of TRM Founder, Alan Hutner and his beloved sideby, Teresa Neptune, who are going through a very difficult time due to Alan’s health. Notice beside you is a container filled with liquid Light energized with indomitable strength, with clarity and peace of heart, mind, body and soul. This Light mixture completely quells any fear, stress or confusion and increases strength, clarity and peace. Gently pour the mixture over both Alan and Teresa. That is All. Now, withdraw your Energy.

Now to the Tarot card drawn for you, offering you Guidance for the Year of 2020. Again, drawn from Tori Hartman’s “Chakra Wisdom Tarot,” the card pulled is “The Lovers,” which includes romantic love, but also passionate partnerships of any kind, like those in business or with our families. The keys to all kinds of successful partnerships in this year will be passion, communication, truth, joy, purpose and manifestation. And remember: Lead with your Heart. Enjoy the discipline of that. Call in God-consciousness. Know that what you work for will come to fruition. Choose to live the dream. Know that you are being granted new beginnings and a fresh slate. Send clear messages to the Universe, in order to create the world, the union and the partnerships of your Heart’s desire.