Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

Elizabeth has been doing Tarot/Oracle Card Readings for herself most mornings for the past 5 years, as a way to center and add to her daily insights & meditation.

She loves the cards – they are so creative and their guidance is always spot on.

Elizabeth does Tarot/Oracle Readings now for others, online or at her office in Santa Fe. She is working with 6 decks right now: the original Rider-Waite Tarot drawn in 1909 by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite; Chakra Wisdom Tarot by Tori Hartman; Doreen Virtue’s, Angel Tarot, & the lesser known but very poignant Oracle decks from the Greek Mythology Reading Cards by Alison Chester-Lambert, the Archangel Animal Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper and her prized Sedona, AZ find, the Spirit Cards Oracle Deck and Guidebook with Art & Text by John Moseley.

Here the cards remind You that:

  • You Are Never Alone on your Sacred Journey
  • You are Encouraged to Accept Both Shadow & Light
  • You Hold the Keys of Wisdom & Guidance
  • You Have Powerful Protection
  • The Cards are Powerful Allies – Offering Clarity, Openness & Inspiration
  • The Cards are a Beacon of Light Connecting You with Your Divine Nature
  • Action vs Non-Action – Saying & Seeing It Like It Is, and Taking Positive Steps Forward


“Rosie elevates the art of the Tarot with uncommon nuance and sensitivity. I find her insights extraordinarily beneficial as she addresses the greater contexts and am grateful to her for illuminating my path and providing the clarity to refocus and reaffirm my direction.”

Santa Fe Resident