Spiritual Healings

Spiritual Healings

for Sovereign Beings of Light, Twin Flames & Soulmates

One pearl at a time is selected for us to work on in a Spiritual Healing session – that which is ripe and ready to be seen, heard and set on course for healing. Your pearl might have the qualities of: codependency, anger, hatred, forgiveness, karma, Twin Flame, soulmate or karmic relationship challenges, coping with losing a beloved or family member to suicide, grief, unresolved childhood wounds, fears of death and dying, or simply how to let go and reduce stress. You get the picture. Once the pearl is identified, then we will spend some time in an active healing activity via one of many selected “tried and true” systems that I have deeply engaged in…i.e. Family Constellations, Ho’oponopono, Hitbodedut, Heartmending, Energy Integrity Clearing, Guided Meditations, Chod aka “Feeding Your Demons,” and other energy healing systems that I have been gifted with.
“Elizabeth Rose has been a blessing throughout my Twin Flame journey with her guidance and expertise. She’s profound in her wisdom and kindness. When I thought I was alone, Elizabeth’s presence helped me move forward. I also enjoy the deep and insightful conversations we have. As a Divine Masculine on my Twin Flame Journey, her perspective has been spiritually uplifting and her generosity is angelic. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! Your work is greatly appreciated!”
Divine Masculine
Santa Fe, NM

Scheduling & Fees

You’re invited to schedule a 60-90 minute Spiritual Healing session with me via phone, Skype/Facetime or in-person in Santa Fe, including, an initial Free 10 minute phone consult. Email me below. Check my Rates page under Offerings for my fees.


Hidden Pearls of Wisdom

My private healing sessions specialize in matters of the heart. Helping myself and others has cultivated within me the finely tuned art of intuitively-based, deep listening and application of Spiritual Healing modalities; Which means I am able to hear and see with not just my mind, but with my heart and soul, and thereby able, with the person I’m engaged with, to sort through a myriad of perceived stresses and obstacles aka hidden pearls of wisdom, and discover what’s at core; what is in need of attention, liberation and healing at that specific juncture in their life.

My sessions have evolved over several decades in working intimately with a variety of people and through my own, sometimes agonizing life experiences of radical change, radical loss, radical acceptance and radical love. Transformational journeys are often peppered with deep depression, anxiety and hopelessness; and yet, an amazing rebirth and awakening of heart, mind, body and soul is possible if rightly supported.

Tender Loving Care

Sometimes we need TLC and guidance through these transformative times, and other times, if we have the skills and self-compassion, it’s best we go about our process alone. For me, I have benefitted immensely from both. The help from a few highly selective others has been immeasurable, when timely. And this is why I want to be here for you, to assist you, if you need a skilled and compassionate Soul Sister.