Reclaim Your Sovereign Divine Self: Journey Into the Underworld

Today’s Rumination is a bit complex…or at least that’s how it came through in a manner of twists and turns – unlike my usual swift divine downloads that usher forth these Ruminations. I’m not sure why. I just get out the way, as as best as I can. Spirit was very specific about the songs I selected to compliment my Rumination today…actually to not just compliment, but enhance, embolden and enrichen the message I am to give to you through my Rumination.

So, without further ado…let’s get to it.

My Rosie’s Rumination today, is titled “Reclaim your Sovereign Divine Self” and subtitled: “Journey into the Underworld.” First, to speak of your Journey – what in the world do I mean by that here. Well, local singer songwriter extraordinaire, Martha Reich sings about one’s Journey in her song, to follow my Rumination called, “Walking in the Dark.” The Journey of the Self or of reclaiming one’s “sovereign self” is most often a solo Journey, and is often shrouded in doubt, judgement, fear, fatigue and unrest. Not unlike a Dark Night of the Soul, one part of our Journey is laden with shadow aspects of ourselves, also expressed in the second song by Chad Wilkins called “In Heart, In Mind” where he sings, quote “Break down my walls and defenses; my selfish pride and my offenses.” Both Martha and Chad illuminate the real notion that most of us, do indeed struggle with our shadow aspects.

But also, most of us, in our search for a brighter Self, a more loving, kind and generous Self, knowingly or not, take on the mantle of our Sovereignty as our guiding Light and moral force of absoluteness – in which our self appointed divine governance steadies us, sure and long enough for us to “see” the Light – which then beckons us to persevere; out of the pure space or chidakash space where we are able to control our mind/ego and intellect; thus opening our pure mind and heart to the insights about our conflict within. Our final authority or sovereign divine Self gladly assists us in transcending our shadow state, loosening the grip of evil in the multifaceted ways in which it tries to create unrelenting and unforgiving states of separation.Victoriously, we rise to the top and out into the Light. Be astonished. Show up and release your old identities.

In Martha’s fierce kindness, she implores you “don’t give up, don’t give in,” and she reminds you that not only is “this a part of your Journey, but this is not the end.” Wisely, she emphasizes this compassionate understanding, when she sings “You think your Journey has come to its end; it goes on and on again.”

Alas, your Journey does go on and on…thank goodness! How else would you keep your inner Sovereign-self pencil sharp? But remember too, as Chad so cleverly declares in his song, is this understanding that when we enter into the darkness we are also asking the Light to: “Awake my spiritual senses, to know the meaning of this Presence,” says Chad. Yes, I add, Spirit please awaken MY spiritual senses, so that I may know the meaning of MY Presence.

My wish for you today, is that you accept your Sovereign journey into the Underworld, to face your shadows with Love and Courage, then dissolve anything that creates separation, angst and fear within your Heart and Mind. May you victoriously rise to the top with the reigning fierce Love of the Divine Light. Then share this inner knowing simply in frequency, simply in being yourself…share this with the one next to You and the next one and the next one. Again, not for self-aggrandizement, but simply because you care.

And now, to our Rumination music set after we hear a little more of Deuter. Then we’ll start you off with Martha Reich’s song, “Walking in the Dark,” followed by Chad Wilkins song, “In Heart, In Mind. Enjoy.”