The other day when it was yet another relentlessly hot and dry day in Santa Fe, I rememebered how Alan & I would be sure to create a rainmaking set of music, to prompt our TRM listeners to take their thoughts and prayers more seriously and invoke the Sky Spirits to please offer us desert drought dry humanoids some significant measure of rain to drench our parched soul and soil. Why of course then, as I searched for a fitting rain song to accompany my Rumination today, about the power of our thoughts and prayer…in so doing, lucky for me and lucky for you, I discovered a two-in-one song. That is, a song about Rain and a song about Love. Yummy, what a good combo. Love and Rain.

Love. Love. There’s Old Love, New Love, True Love, Law of Vibrational Energy Love, Abiding Love,Transcendant Love, Love for Man, Love for Woman, Love for Child, Love for Four-legged, Love for a grassy patch of green, love for an Ocean wave, Love for a regal tree, Love for a rainstorm. Love that beholds. Love that forgives. Love that lets go. Love that prays. Love that heals our thoughts. Love that heals our bodies. Love that speaks of Truth. Love takes so many forms, it’s no wonder we, as humans, are moved and motivated by this experience, this feeling, this all night rain soaking truism called Love.

I wonder…do you ever pray for Love to permeate your life? I do. Do you ever pray for Love to heal your best friend? I do. Do you ever pray for Love to guide a good birth or a good death? I do. Do you ever pray for peace to reign in your heart and across the lands? I do. Do you ever pray for True Love? I do. Do you ever pray for Rain? I do. Not that you should do what I do, but I do want to remind you of the power of your thoughts, the power of prayer.

Indeed, like you, I am so grateful for this week’s rain and well, while the Sky Spirits are on a roll, why not pray for an All Night Rain. Oh…it’s happened here before in New Mexico. I remember a night when I attended a home birth and it rained all night; sometimes so hard the rain banged loudly on the roof of the home where this beautiful soul was born; so loud I could barely hear the moaning, orgasmic sounds of the mom in labor. By dusk, the rain was soft, but still falling and with it a sleek fog rolled in caressing the pinon dotted rolling hills, that could be seen outside the raindrop laden window. How lucky I thought, that this little soul was born this rainy, moist, soil drenched morn at home in Northern New Mexico.

So pray for more rain please. Pray for more Love please. Pray for Love to prevail. Pray for An All Night Rain.

And now to Lauria’s song “All Night Rain” from her release “When I’m An Angel”