Family Constellations

Family Constellations

As a Certified Family Constellation Facilitator not only was I trained in the modality of Constellation work as it is done in a group setting, but also in Private Sessions which allows for “privacy” while also, as within the group setting, provides profound benefits to the individual as well as her/his “family soul.” One does not need to know anything about their ancestry, nor do other family members need to be present. Confidentiality is greatly respected. To describe the “process” is difficult in words, though you can read more about what Constellation are and how they may help you, here on this page. If truly interested, I encourage you to call or email me to set up a free 10 minute consult.

To schedule your free phone consult and/or session via phone, Skype/Facetime or in-person, if you are in Santa Fe, call me at 505.690.5310. Check my Rates page for my fees. 

“I had a constellation session this week with Elizabeth Rose, and I am so grateful for her tender caring ways and strong guidance. It’s all sinking in and I feel empowered and not alone. I feel like a puzzle piece fit and everything changed but is the same. I am the product of DNA with real back up. It’s like having solid ground under one’s feet. The rest of the story told.”

Thank you for another very potent constellation session! Wow! I feel different and much less anxiety today.” 

Private Sessions

What can Constellations help with?
A variety of life challenges like: depression, anxiety, forgiveness, family karma, twin flame, soulmate and karmic relationship challenges, codependency, anger issues, eating disorders, addictions, childhood trauma and healing childhood wounds, how to let go, how manage stress differently, being at ease with death and dying and other issues.
What are Constellations aka Family or Systemic Constellations?
Constellations mainly address Intergenerational Healing within families, while it has also been used for organizations and businesses to help them overcome obstacles and achieve success. Constellations are a systemic approach to identifying and healing areas of trauma in the “family or business soul” which can embrace members from several generations back; the effects of this may continue to arise several generations later. We can carry the fate of others in our lives on an unconscious level where we are “entangled” or “identified” with those who experienced a heavy fate in previous generations. Their burdens become our burdens. Family Constellations allow that which wants to be resolved in the “knowing field” (aka the morphogenetic field) to be seen, so that a deep healing and acknowledgement can be offered to those who came before, releasing us from their burdens. The flow of Love is then beautifully restored to the family soul and we are empowered to live our lives fully with the blessings of our ancestors.