Upcoming Events

7th Generation Constellation Gatherings

Sundays, 1-5 PM

June 16th,  July 14th,  August 18th,  and September 22nd


family-constilationsOn a typical Sunday afternoon, as caring ones, we gather in  sacred circle to co-create the “knowing field” through which wisdom is revealed in the phenomena known as Family Constellations or Systemic Constellations; referred to by some as a form of spiritual healing, energy healing, or prayer for healing the family sou. We address a variety of life challenges like: depression, anxiety, forgiveness, family karma, twin flame and soulmate relationship stress, codependency, anger issues, eating disorders, addictions, emotional stress, childhood trauma, death, dying and other issues. The knowing field naturally creates a flowing energy of unconditional love and acceptance. Most challenges are highly responsive to Constellation work and all participants benefit. Confidentiality is greatly respected.

Constellations, while systemic, often reach many generations past (as many as seven generations) and for generations to come; this form of ancestral healing allows for reconciliation,  restoring the flow of love and peace to you and your family lineage. It’s also a powerful way to connect with your ancestors and allow unseen, stressful dynamics and events, otherwise unavailable to us, to be seen and healed. I am so grateful to my teacher Hella Neumann who studied with the Founder of Constellation work, Bert Hellinger. Their love and wisdom shine on!

One does not need to know anything about their ancestry, nor do other family members need to be present.

Location: Santa Fe Community Yoga Center

826 Camino De Monte Rey, Suite B1

Santa Fe, NM 87505


Constellation Gatherings


Attendance: $40

OPTIONS: If you want to be considered for a Constellation, to address a specific concern in your life, call Elizabeth to Reserve a Space.
Fee is $140 (includes attendance fee)

Rose Blossom TLC and Elizabeth Rose, Certified Family Constellation Facilitator presents: 7th Generation Constellation Gatherings at the Santa Fe Community Yoga Center; providing profound benefits to all participants. Private Sessions Available.


A ReCreative Retreat for Wisdom Keepers

3 Nights, September 10-12, 2019

Held at the Rose Mountain Retreat Center located in the remote, stunningly beautiful, and ecologically balanced section of the mountains of northern New Mexico, outside of Las Vegas, NM. See More about Rose Mountain>


  • Delicious gourmet vegetarian meals
  • Comfortable lodging
  • Beautiful natural surroundings and electromagnetic stillness as all of Rose Mountain facilities are off the grid
  • Rose Mountain’s many amenities are powered by an efficient photovoltaic solar system assuring comfort and restful sleep.
  • Time in Solitude

retreats-in-newmexicoActivities will be led by Elizabeth Rose and will greatly contribute to your vital and joyous ReCreation of Self, returning you to your world empowered with a relaxed peace of mind, reduced stress and self-directed healing modalities to incorporate into your life. All practices are potent, while gentle as well as safe, offering valuable insights, release and healing. Quiet time is built into the Retreat, adding power to the practices offered and gentle depth to your overall experience.

Activities & Guidance offered include: Systemic Healing through Family Constellations; Manifestation Practices; Guided Meditations; Gentle Movement; Healing Touch for Self & Loved Ones.

This Retreat is ideal for all Wisdom Keepers, Sovereign Beings of Light aka YOU, but also those who have been on the rather arduous, but transcendent Soulmate or Twin Flame Journey…a Twin Flame Tune-up of sorts!

Register NOW

Deposit Required: (check or PayPal) $150 when you Register

Retreat Cost: Sliding Scale $450–$650  

Lodging for entire Retreat (select option when you register)

  • four indoor bedrooms in main building 
  • four fully furnished private cabin tents
  • traditional camping on site, no extra charge 

Registration Details

Deposit Required: $150 deposit is required when you Register.

Please let me know when you Register, what kind of lodging you would like (choices are above).

Send check to Elizabeth Rose, 2824 Plaza Verde, Santa Fe NM 87507 OR make a payment to PayPal rosie@transradio.com.

Timelines for Registration & Deposit, Cancellation & Refund

  • Registration Deadline: August 17th. 
  • If you register before July 1st, and need to cancel, your deposit of $150 is 100 % refundable 
  • If you register between July 1st and August 10th, and need to cancel, your deposit of $150 is 50% refundable
  • If you register after August 10th and need to cancel, your deposit of $150 is non-refundable.