Childbirth Preparation

Childbirth Preparation

I’ve used the popular term “Childbirth Preparation” to title this Offering and yet I feel strongly to also include those whose personal and lineageal challenges may or may not easily grant them parenthood. Challenges such as repeat miscarriages, infertility, abortion, vanishing twin syndrome, adoption, death of an unborn child, or death of a child at birth or shortly after – for many, these issues precede childbirth preparation. In this light, by honoring these challenges, childbirth preparation takes a secondary seat to “pregnancy preparation,” and yet both are equally important to making conscious, loving parenting choices.

Since the mid-eighties I have worked with Women in the Childbearing Year and their families as a prenatal massage therapist and instructor, infant massage tutor, childbirth educator and labor support doula. I can’t begin to tell you how much my time with families has contributed to my evolution as a woman, mother, daughter, sister and good friend to many families, children, doctors, midwives and other educators.

Over time, for a multitude of reasons, I have seen the significant need to support families to heal, cleanse, realign the orders of familial love and find their way back to sanity post-birth. It’s so important to support women and men entering parenthood, to help them regain a deep rooted sense of self, while also guiding them in how to shift partnership gears and become good parents. Talk about an identity crisis!

“Elizabeth Rose is highly skilled…I have come to her in many states, while pregnant as well as with my child. I have arrived stressed, sad, elated, in physical or emotional pain, relaxed, blocked – in all states of being. Elizabeth always welcomes me and honors me as I am, while holding a vision for me in her work of my highest possibilities. I leave her sacred space reminded of my inherent well-being, and inspired to live at my best.”


Mother of Benjamin

What do I offer for Childbirth Prep?

I’ve clearly observed the benefits of “clearing, healing and strengthening” as much as one can prior to pregnancy, if not then, prior to birth as a way to prepare for childbirth and significantly reduce birth complications and increase birth satisfaction. No question, whatever we can do ahead of time will greatly help us after we become parents.

Here are my Four Tried and True Ways that I Offer. Note that Fee of $85-$160 varies depending on Service offered. Check my Rates page for details.

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Family Constellations work Wonders & Miracles

I have been particularly moved by the use of Family Constellation work with my clients to address stalled or overdue labors, intergenerational repeat cesareans and breech presentations. Also, I have been moved by how honoring children who died before they were born, i.e. vanishing twin syndrome, miscarriage and abortion, significantly paves the way for the next generation to be conceived and born without complications. Please see my Family Constellation offerings for a fuller description of this work.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage may be useful for stress reduction; to soothe the nervous system; lessen the effects of common conditions of pregnancy such as edema, sciatica, headaches, muscle cramps and back, foot and joint pain; enhance positive self-image; promote more restful sleep; increase emotional connection with baby, relieve physical and emotional fatigue and prepare pregnant mother for the deeper letting go of labor. Healing touch and massage is a beautiful, safe and loving way to support a women in the childbearing year, which of course includes post-birth and postpartum. Only available in Santa Fe.

“Elizabeth Rose is a wonderful prenatal massage therapist. Not only does she help me relax, she also helps me feel connected to my body and my baby. And she lets me get up to pee as frequently as I need to!”


Labor Massage Tutorial for Partners

Partners are any caretakers who will be at the birth, so may include husbands, boyfriends, wives, girlfriends, mothers, aunties, doulas and the like.
For over 30 years researchers have known that “the presence and involvement of partners who touch the women during labor have been significantly correlated with less need for drugs, shorter labor, fewer perinatal problems and more optimal maternal interactions” (Sosa 1980).

In a fun, spirited tutorial (with one or more pairs), Elizabeth Rose teaches mindful hands-on techniques to relieve common pregnancy discomforts and to provide relief, support, and a comforting connection through touch during labor… plus many other ‘tried and true’ natural methods to assist those present at the birth in the co-creation of a peaceful birth for the new baby, with no or minimal intervention and maximum empowerment and joy.
Only available in Santa Fe.

Spiritual Healings or Honoring the Dark Night of the Soul Offerings

Spiritual Healings or Honoring the Dark Night of the Soul Offerings are very helpful for those seeking release from emotional stress. Stress is widely known to inhibit successful conception, exacerbate common prenatal conditions, challenge positive birth outcomes and hinder post-birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and parenting happiness & success.