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  • Open Hearts, Open Doors

    Open Hearts, Open Doors

      I feel we are healing centuries old wounds – wounds cascading down through our DNA, passed on from one generation to the next – eager to find, as my friend calls it, the lineagal lightening rod…that one person in their family line who willingly chooses to see, feel, hear and dare to live differently…with […]

  • Hang in There: A Rosie’s Rumination

    Hang in There: A Rosie’s Rumination

    Written & Recorded on Transitions Radio Magazine, February 11, 2018 You are such a Beauty in your humanness. For those that have ears to hear, I tell you now to embrace, enrichen and embolden the power that lies within you to make a positive difference and tip the scales in favor to lasting world peace […]

  • Two Prayerful-Meditations & 2020 Tarot Card Guidance

    Two Prayerful-Meditations & 2020 Tarot Card Guidance

    Artwork by Melody Smith From Transitions Radio Magazine (TRM) show aired on January 5, 2020 I will share the Tarot card from Tori Hartman’s “Chakra Wisdom Tarot” that I drew for YOU, our TRM listener community today; That guidance for 2020 in a moment. First, two prayer-meditations requests. Rather than DO those right here, right […]

  • In My Village

    In My Village

    In my village, from this Land of Enchantment, the day after Thanksgiving, I feel a sense of prevailing wholeness and peace, amidst a sense of fear and shameful pride. Who are we? Why are we here? Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Has it become another water-downed holiday of giving Thanks, of having Gratitude for this […]

  • Hope is a Four-Letter Word

    Hope is a Four-Letter Word

    I haven’t written and recited a Rosie’s Rumination in a long time. This is perhaps my 40thone. I asked my friend, what should I speak about. He said Hope. I ruminated on Hope during one of my walks. This is what came to me. Hope co-exists with Faith and Intention. Hope can be a place […]

  • Fatherhood, Families & War

    Fatherhood, Families & War

    Today is Father’s Day, with a potent Full Moon in Sagitarrius tomorrow, Summer Solstice and Eclipses upon us…an astrologically transcendant time. I don’t expect many of you to like my Rumination today. It’s not the Hallmark kind – instead it’s a sharing of my personal experience as a 9 year old daughter, to a father […]

  • The Nature of the Calling

    The Nature of the Calling

    from John O’Donohue’s book, “To Bless the Space Between Us.” “The nature of the calling can change over time, taking a person down pathways never anticipated. The calling opens new territories within the heart; this in turn deepens the calling itself. The faces of the calling change; what at the beginning seemed simple and clear […]

  • Reclaim Your Sovereign Divine Self: Journey Into the Underworld

    Reclaim Your Sovereign Divine Self: Journey Into the Underworld

    Today’s Rumination is a bit complex…or at least that’s how it came through in a manner of twists and turns – unlike my usual swift divine downloads that usher forth these Ruminations. I’m not sure why. I just get out the way, as as best as I can. Spirit was very specific about the songs […]

  • Become A Grace Adder

    Become A Grace Adder

      Be a Grace Adder today. A term, dear one, Flo Magdalena shared with me a few days ago. Enhance your surroundings with Grace. Pour the sweet unencumbered energy of Grace over all that is void of Love. What is Grace anyway you may ask – to me Grace is a lighthearted brushstroke of the […]

  • Love is Like An All Night Rain

    Love is Like An All Night Rain

    The other day when it was yet another relentlessly hot and dry day in Santa Fe, I rememebered how Alan & I would be sure to create a rainmaking set of music, to prompt our TRM listeners to take their thoughts and prayers more seriously and invoke the Sky Spirits to please offer us desert […]