Episode Ten

Theme(s): Tribal Love and Joy
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Power Vs. Force:
The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior ~ on Joy! by David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD

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Rider Waite Tarot Deck / Queen of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, Knight of Cups, 8 of Swords
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Freshwater Music: SoundCloud.com (Graphic of folks gathered & Dancing!)
Tone / Dancing Prayers

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The Spirit Cards Oracle Deck / Wolf Spirit: Art and Text by John Moseley: https://www.thespiritcards.com/product-page/spirit-cards-oracle-deck
Wolf Spirit – Card #18:

Rider Waite Tarot Deck / Heirophant: https://www.tarot.com/tarot/decks/rider

Cathars: https://www.cathar.info/


Freshwater Music: SoundCloud.com
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Thank you for joining me, Elizabeth Rose, your hostess of this Whole Brain Podcast designed to assist you in your daily creations.

Okay folks, it’s Episode 10, Segment One, Stop and Smell the Roses. Raise Your Frequency. In this segment: discuss Tribal/Community Love. Segment Two, Wake Up & Smell the Coffee ~ going to take it up a notch further; speak about Joy. First want to tell you about Mug Sale for the holiday season. Go to my website RoseBlossomTlC.com – click on Podcast or Shop: lovely, cute and handsome mugs, that we have come across. You can support this podcast and purchase a mug. Have the choice of what color you want ~ all while on the outside; symbols of the heart, and the roses and the coffee cup. Color on inside of the mug and the handle is your choice. Six different colors. White on the outside. Have the podcast mantras. Hope you love them as much as we do.

I did a card from John Moseley’s Spirit Cards Oracle Deck and the original Rider Waite Tarot Deck. Freshwater Tone & Julia ~ energized music Luna Temple – sound-bed for card pull. Wolf Spirit & Heirophant. Wildness, freedom & belonging. Vilified. Magnificent, powerful, intelligent beings ~ teach us about how to thrive in wilderness; live in highly organized families and social structures ~ each individually has an equally, important role to play in the pack.

How to live in perfect balance of tribe and family. Understanding. Responsibility is Your own freedom: in you is a wild and free being ~ free to explore, express; must take and do what is in alignment with these natural instincts: may go it alone for a while. Be true to yourself; become recognizable to others in your soul clan; they can find you. Howl to like-minded Spirits ~ ultimately belong. Heirophant: message to community points to deepening one’s connection to the Divine; resonates strongly. Prayer or some Mother means; connect deeply and surely with the Divine within. Allow succinctly for Spirt, Universe or God~Goddess to guide you. Relax relationship with rules and structures. Do not follow blindly. Make you’re own rules2 Cathar quote: Church of Love from 1148 Via Facebook Sophia’s Mirror Best embodies community or tribal love to me; in action and as principle, core guidance. “It does not exist in a fixed form, but only by the mutual agreement of persons. It has no members except for those who feel that they belong to it. It has no rivals because it does not nourish the spirit of competition. It has no ambition because it only wishes to serve. It does not have any national boundaries because love does not act this way. It does not close itself off, as it tries to enrich all groups and religions. It respects all the great teachers of all times who revealed the truth of love.

All who belong to it, practice the truth of love with their whole being. He and she, who belongs to it, knows that. It does not try to teach others; but only tries to be and by being to give. It lives in the knowledge that the whole earth is a living being and that we are part of it. It knows that the time of the last return has arrived; the way of self-surrender, in free will to return to unity. It does not make itself known by loud words, but works in the free domain of being. It salutes all those who have enlightened the path of love and gave their lives for it. It does not create any ranks in its midst and no elevation of anybody, because the one is no greater than the other. It does not promise reward neither in this or in another life, yet only the joy of being in that love. Its members recognize each other by their behavior, their way of being, by the look in their eyes and by no other external act than to embrace each other in a brotherly and sisterly way. They know neither fear nor shame and their witness will always be truthful in good as in bad times. The church of love has no secret, has neither mystery nor initiation except for the deep knowledge of the power of love, as the world must change, if we as persons wish it so; but only if firstly we change ourselves. All those who feel that they belong to it do indeed belong. They belong to the church of love.”

Let’s switch to the music side of this with Freshwater Tone & Julia ~ Because this is a Whole Brain Podcast, intended to raise your frequency. Play this song back in the day; on Santa Fe based radio show; Like the message. Still relevant today.
Chorus: Media, Radio & Television ~ we’re gonna have a revolution! We will surround you with our eyes.”
Freshwater: Tone & Julia / R.Evolution / R.Evolution

End Seg I


Freshwater – Tone & Julia / R.Evolution / R.Evolution
Lyrics – 11/22/2023
Wella, wella, wella, well
Confusion strikes that’s all I know
But if we do not turn around
The ship I say
We will have nowhere to go
Why did she sing so sadly, we say
Cause he will not find another way
And if I had my way
I would burn it down to the ground
Ultimate giver of life
We were not meant to harm her
But when you take the knife
And cut her down
She will only smile at you
Cause you know
Not what you do
No, you know
Not what you do
Unless you happen
To be one of the wise
Maybe you will not see
When the time is right
Media, radio and television
We’re gonna have a revolution
Multi-national corporations
You have no morals
But you have guns
And you have won
But what good will they do you
Can you eat your gold?
For what have sold, your soul
When the rest of us find out
What you’ve been doing
We will surround you with our eyes
And arise
And the might of the many numbers
Will not be held down
Arise in the masses, we will go
And stand in front of the capitol
And say yo
Media, radio, and television.
We’re gonna have a revolution
Indigenous People
Black and White
Red and Yellow
We are all one
One tribe, one nation worldwide
They are so few
What will they do
When we are knocking
At their door
We won’t take it anymore
Arise in the masses, we will go
And stand in front of the capitol
And say yo
Media, radio, and television
We’re gonna have a revolution
Unless you happen to be
One of the wise
Maybe you won’t see
When the time is right
Media, radio, and television
We’re gonna have a revolution
I love my country
But I do not love war
Write your Congressman
And tell him
What you are standing for.

Podcast Episode10 – Segment 2

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee


Episode ten, segment two, whole brain podcast, wake up and smell the coffee, definitely going to take it up a notch and challenge you to raise your frequency. Going into the domain Joy. Simple reminder, wonderful lovely mugs for holiday sale. You can go to my link on my website roseblossomtlc.com. Click on podcast or shop, will see the icon for the mugs for sale. You have a choice of six different colors on the inside and on the handle. Mugs in general are white on the outside. They have the podcast mantras and the symbols of the heart, roses, and coffee cups. All of that is very elegantly printed on the outside of the cup. Hope you love them as much as we do and will enjoy them for the holiday season and well beyond. Go to roseblossomtlc.com and get your mug there. Felt the place to start was from the book Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD. We’ve been talking a lot about the human levels of consciousness; David studied. Joy is above Love; only proceeded by peace and enlightenment. “Love becomes more unconditional, begins to be experienced as inner joy. Isn’t the sudden joy of a pleasurable turn of events, rather a constant accompaniment to all activities. Joy arises from within each moment of existence, rather than from any other source. Level of healing & spiritually-based self help groups. Domain of Saints and advanced spiritual students and healers. A capacity for enormous patience & persistence of a positive attitude in the face of prolonged adversity is characteristic of this energy field. The hallmark of this state is compassion. People who have attained this level have a notable affect ~ the world one sees is illuminated by the exquisite beauty and perfection of creation. Everything happens effortlessly by synchronicity and the world and everything in it is seen as an expression of love and divinity. Individual will merges into divine will ~ a presence is felt whose power facilitates phenomena outside conventional expectations of reality, termed miraculous by the ordinary observer. Phenomena ~ represent the power of energy field. Near death experiences, characteristically transformative, frequently allowing people to experience the energy levels of joy and peace. A desire to use ones’ state of consciousness for the benefit of life itself; this capacity to love many people simultaneously is accompanied by the discovery that the more one loves, the more one can love.” Blew my socks off when I read it this morning. Hope it’s blowing off your socks. We get to dive deep into two prophetic decks: The Spirit Cards Oracle Deck by John Moseley was about Plant Spirit – always here supporting us. Food, medicine or the shade of a tree. Our lives are completely intertwined & interdependent with the plant kingdom. Thank Plant Spirit for providing for our needs. John Muir quote: “the clearest way into the Universe, is through a forest wilderness.” Call to nature. Healers from many traditions know that plants speaks to us, if we know how to listen. Plants are integral, intelligent. Have only begun to discover their intelligence and awareness. Message from the plant kingdom is this: take time to honor; listen and learn. Ally and support. Same intelligence that is constantly creating and growing is at work for you too. You can trust in this Intelligence and know that everything is always in the process of restoration and perfect balance. Ask Plant Spirit a question; answer will come in some way. Go to a tree, a plant or flower and sit with it. Understand this is an individual; you can communicate with it. Experience the plants perspective. Give it a compliment; plants love this. I remember, there were experiments about plants; that was very true ~ they thrive when you talk with them. Merging will produce more Joy in your life. The Rider Waite Tarot Deck – five cards (King of Pentacles, 8 of Swords, Knight of Cups, The World, the 6 of Wands) just jumped out of the deck. I will deliver the message: With joy, stand your ground, lead with steadfastness and your loyalty to love; do not fear being trapped. It’s all an illusion. Vision and advancement will come from standing your ground, leading with steadfastness and seeing the World as balanced and Victorious. Take advantage of this new opportunity; proceed with caution, take your time; give equal balanced attention on all realms of existence (emotional, physical, spiritual, mental). Maintain consistency throughout life, once this has been achieved. Examine the situation carefully; entrapment may be caused by you and your own insecurities, fears and doubts. You may continue to be blocked; expression: your own worst enemy. We are going to move forward with the music of Tone Freshwater & his song Dancing Prayers. Drumming. I really love it. Signifies by our elders that our prayers are enhanced by singing, dancing, and gathering. Lyrics to Dancing Prayers: “The elder ones told me, If you want to make your prayers stronger, you sing them. And then he said, if you want to make your prayers even stronger, you dance them, dance them, dance them.”

Thanks for joining me, Elizabeth Rose. Hope this Whole Brain Podcast has assisted you in your new daily creations and has wiped away any heavy sands that have fallen across your eyes and has seduced you into a long sleep. Time to wake up now.

End Seg 2



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