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Episode Four Bonus

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Episode 4 Bonus – Extra Clarification


Guess what? This is my first ever, Bonus piece, it’s from Podcast Episode #4. I call it Extra Clarifcation because as usual, I have a few leftover comments from my air checking my previous episodes. I’m like dang, I didn’t say that. I want to impart this wisdom (not coming from me necessarily) upon you and perhaps in situations in your life you can apply these few things today (not to be a Debbie downer, cause the facets are kinda heavy, but I am bringing them up as means to clarify my original comment ~ to be high vibe about it!).

I call this Podcast, Episode #4 on Self-Empowerment Techniques. First Segment, Stop and Smell the Roses, I talk about taking all of your Energy and Power back. Also, Seg 2, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee, I have some clarifications regarding the Strength in Numbers story. Chinmaya Dunster is going to provide the sound bed for this Extra Clarification, Whole Brain Podcast, Erin Episode 4 His song is Sight Meditation from his album Meditation Ragas. You can listen to and buy his music from and listen to his music on

1. In Seg 1, in relation to taking back one’s energy and power, I said that our pushed away power is not unlike the energy of a miscarried or an aborted child; I kinda just walked away from that. I realize I didn’t mean to do that. (Sometimes I just think you’re telepathic.) I say this, in large part because of my training in the Constellation way and how when we don’t CLAIM the truism or the truth of a miscarried or aborted child and we push that energy away by “ignoring” it is like the energy of this unborn child ~ it just floats out there ~ those souls, are often forgotten and never mentioned, once we have a miscarriage or abortion. They are so much happier when given a place to belong, even tho they are no longer with us. In fact…by Constellation terms, now listen carefully, a miscarried or aborted child ~ they’re counted as children one may have had. In other words…say you had two miscarriages prior to your first live birth. That would mean that live birth, the child who survives and is alive…that child is your third child. You had two miscarried children before. Same applies for aborted children. Something to think about.

Also In Seg 1, I want to correct myself ~ I incorrectly say about the feeding your demons that the nun’s name was Lapching Labdron, a Tibetan nun from the 13th Century or something like that. Her name is actually Machig Labdron and she is from the 11th Century. (And to add, she describes a demon as “anything that obstructs the achievement of freedom.” For example, demons can be fears… AND addictions like alcoholism – they don’t have to be a gargoyle thing.) You can see (see for more info about Feeding Your Demons, instruction and their schedule. The process of turning demons into ally is called Chod and again, the story is about an 11th Century nun, Machig Labdron. Lama Tsultrim Allione is the founder of Tara Mandala near Pagosa Springs, Colorad0. She is a wonderful person. This way is not for everyone.

In Seg 2, In Strength In Numbers true story I mention that I felt that after 7 years of taking many steps with this challenging individual…I could not clear the path. By “Clearing the Path” I mean that, singlehandedly, I was not able to create a safe, healthy and joyous workplace hospital-based doula environment in which most could benefit from. I realize you can’t please everyone all of the time, nor should you try. Perhaps if I had know about Chod at the time, I would have been able to Clear the Path. Rather is was led to the Strength in Numbers principle.

And finally, I also say, in Seg 2, in the Strength in Numbers story that I had to let go entirely. I want to elaborate on that. By entirely, I mean letting go in a non-judging, spiteful way…and that includes towards me, not just the other person; I had to let go of what I judged myself for and hated myself for. In my case, this process took several months ~ which also included letting go of anything that reminded me of pregnancy ~ I let go of my prenatal massage practice, any sort of teaching and my doula practice. In order to recover, I felt I had to take a break entirely and let go of it all. I know that’s kind of extreme. Granted I had something to fall back on; radio work and I started my Constellation training plus I had several relationships in which I needed to deepen connection. Also, I had a good, supportive home life. That all helped. And later, so did the Strength in Numbers scenario that I describe in Seg 2 of Episode 4. That helped a lot.

Okay, that’s it. Hope you enjoyed that clarity!

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