Episode Five

Theme(s): Raise Your Frequency and Game Over!
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Stop and Smell the Roses


Hello and thank you for joining me; Elizabeth Rose – your hostess of this whole brain podcast designed to assist you in your daily creations.

Ok here we go, folks. Episode number 5, Segment 1, Stop and Smell the Roses. I did that just yesterday. There’s a park in Santa Fe called The Rose Park. There’s a whole bunch of roses there. It is very magical. There’s even a water fountain there which is rather unprecedented to find one in New Mexico. I understand that stopping and smelling the roses is a reminder for us to slow down, and being in the present moment with a deeper sense of love, appreciation and gratitude for all the incredible blessings of life.
I also pulled two Divination card readings that I chose for you from The Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson. I chose the Turtle and the Swan cards. The brief message from Turtle is “Connect to Earth Mother. To honor the creation of the Earth Mother and to shield yourself from negative influences, to ground yourself and stand your ground, Ask for her Blessings. You do have an ally. Fertility and Manifestation will Follow.” And the brief message from Swan is: Accept the gift of grace and surrender to the flow. Don’t give up ~ give over. Abide by great spirit’s plan. I’m sure great spirit means different things to different people. Abide by God’s plan for some. I love both of those. They do remind me of allowing for wonders and miracles, trusting our intuition. I think that’s very important. By the way, I’ll tell you a little secret. I have noticed that the episodes build on each other. They do. If you haven’t listened to any other of my episodes, I encourage you to do that, when you have a chance. I’ve really been trying to keep them to 30 minutes.

I am going to record and extra clarification episode #four that should be coming very soon because there are a couple of points I want to clarify. Hopefully this whole brain podcast will assist you in the making of your daily creations and the theme of this podcast is will to raise your frequency to a higher vibe. And the second part, I will talk about game over, which has to do with shielding yourself from negative influences. And frequency, you can look that up and will find all different kinds of things. I found out that specific frequencies affect the human body and mind, such as the Earth frequency, The Schulman Resonance; I’m sure you’ve heard about that before. It surrounds and protects all living things on the planet. When we listen to music that is the frequency of 852 hertz, actually any music above 500 is supposedly good for raising our vibration.. chanting is good music. To help raise your frequency vibe, reclaim more of your freedom, speak your mind more freely and ask yourself these few questions… daily, Why am I here? or in other words, What am I doing here? AND what and who raises my frequency? (You wanna go for the opposite of oppression, suppression, depression ~ I’m sure you can determine what creates those feelings). You want to be around individuals and choose activities that are the opposite of that, and create passion and happiness within you. Do more of that!

You can start with what comes natural to you, what inspires you to BE spontaneous, playful, and what helps you to BE more sensual. By that I mean we are humans Ask yourself, “Tasting, hearing, touching (massage, of course I think of cause I’m a body worker. Am I going for the Creation of a healthy, balanced, relationship with myself and others. In what ways am I Reclaiming my High Vibe Self?

What I am noticing in my bodywork practice, are that certain statements will come in and stick around for a while. Of course, I tune in with each client and feel into whether or not it would be good for them to hear this particular statement. For example, a statement which showed up about 8 months ago, which I have not been doing with everyone, is this “Breathe in all of the Goodness coming your way, even if you don’t know what it is. AND Breath Out all the stress and tension that no longer serves you, even if you don’t know what that is.” I’ve observed overall is how most people adopt that statement quite earnestly. I’ve also noticed how many folks chuckle after the first statement is declared, that statement being about the Goodness. I mean chuckle in a certain
way, like “right.” Funny, but not so funny, how easily folks will poo poo the Goodness and accept their tension and their stress as something to be proud of. Something to think about: where do you put your focus daily on all the stress and tension accumulating in your life or on all the Goodness coming your way? Obviously this whole brain podcast is about asking you, prodding you to choose, where you put your focus. To raise your high vibe frequency, I would encourage you to put your focus more on the creation and more on the positive. That’s why I chosen this song by Laurianne Fiorentino, who is based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This song, Digital Radio. Believe it or not, even though I’ve been in radio for 22 years, I did not know what Digital was…what’s the point, caught my attention, is that it’s better sound quality, it offers clearer reception than AM or FM and there are no frequencies, there’s no audio interference.
Isn’t that interesting. Anyhow, Digital Radio is fun and spicy and will definitely help raise your frequency, from her album “When I’m An Angel.” If you go to her website, which is lauriamusic.com will get you to lauriannefiorentino.com where she has all of her concert updates including her Elemental Concert Series ~ there’s nothing quite like live music ~ in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas. The next one is October 6th I’m so glad she’s picking that back up ~ she and cellist extraordinaire, Michael Kott. She usually has a surprise visitor each time she does an Elemental Concert. You can hear more of her music and again purchase her music at her website lauriamusic.com. You can also listen to her music on Soundcloud, Spotify, and other places too.
So enjoy the song “Digital Radio.” by Laurianne Fiorentino / When I’m An Angel / lauriamusic.com

I can wrap your skin in rays of the sun
As soon as every day has begun
To remind you you’re not the only one
Oh yeah I’ve been a fool like you
I can slip the song my raven sings
onto your finger as a friendship ring
To remind you that courage is a sacred thing
for far too long it’s been taboo
I can turn the Digital Radio on
To prove to you all the static is gone
Sweep the dust off the path you’re on
This is all I can do for you my love
This is all I can do for you
I can ask the stars in your eyes at night
To reveal the moon who sometimes hides her light
So you can see yourself through your second sight
What your heart has always known
Round the turning and through the fire
We meet again and again in a squall of desire
Love will find a way as it will surely tire of these endless fields of snow

I can simmer shadows of the afternoon
And steep them in the mystery of the simplest tune
To quench the thirst that always hunts for you
Every where you go

We three will melt like ice in July
Oh you haven’t till now and neither have I
For you’ve been promised to fear and I to the lie
The war is won, we’ve made it through
Can you hear me now, can you dial me in
Am I loud & clear or is the signal too thin
With reception so good why don’t you pull me through,
You got your eye on me and I got nothing on you

End Part I


Wake Up & Smell the Coffee


Ok here we go, folks. Episode number 5 ~ Segment 2, Wake Up and Smell the Coffee. We’re gonna take it up a notch and speak into “Game Over” and taking action to raise your High Vibe Frequency.

First, the Divination card readings that I chose for you from The Spirit Cards Oracle Deck: Art and Text by John Moseley. I met him in Sedona, Arizona ~ fine fellow. The animals seems to be coming out to play a lot. I encourage you to get this deck. I chose two animal messages for your today….the Macaw and the Frog. The main message from Macaw is: Be Visible, Embrace your Uniqueness & Ascend (raise your frequency). Perfect for today. The main message from Frog is: prepare for change ~ cleanse (not just physically, but cleanse or clear your field of negative influences that pull your energy downs) and be open to transition.

I love both messages. Let’s explore this concept of game over ~ Take a good look at those activities/actions, that you keep “playing” with others that ultimately take your energy, your frequency down. By playing, I don’t mean something positive. Like you’re masked. Take the mask off: enough is enough already. Stop playing their game, cause they’re wanting to take you down. Choose to continue or discontinue. I would recommend you discontinue playing that game and don the keen awareness and understanding of when it is right to let go or change the direction. Ask the individual and yourself if you can change this direction, change this pattern or change this way. To let go or change the direction entirely (usually with another individual) ~ means to let go or change the direction without casting further judgement or without being spiteful since those energies are downers.

Here are some suggestions to declare that this game is over and rather you choose to passionately raise your frequency immediately and easily (though, I’m sure you have your personal ways) are from the blog: five easiest ways to raise your vibration fast by Taylor’s Tracks.
1. Music – who doesn’t like music? I mean, come on folks. I’m sure you have your favorite music that you sing or dance to, or do your own version of karaoke at home to.
2. Movement – get up off your couch and move and dance. You can do this in the privacy of your home or go out.
3. Appreciation & Gratitude ~ be more appreciative or grateful, even if you only do this in silence. Start with your own life. Your life has been passed down your from your ancestors. You can say to them (your ancestors) “I am grateful for you, that you have passed life onto me.”
4. Smiling & Laughing ~ you have heard this. There have been studies that even if you fake (which I don’t really recommend) your smile ~ it signals to the brain, that things are better.
5. Change your Surroundings ~ the lady, Taylor Tracks makes a great point. Don’t have to change your scene permanently! Can just get up from your desk and walk to the bathroom for goodness sake. Go out and have a cup of coffee.

We say this to laboring moms too, though sometimes it’s not good to change her surroundings; don’t mess with her groove. But sometimes it’s a very good thing; for example, to suggest she move from the bed to the shower is great for a laboring mom for sure; maybe for you too. I know that I gotta hop in the tub ~ at times, I don’t like my surroundings or my thoughts or mood. I gotta change the trajectory I’m on. I would add: Connect with nature, increase your sensual awareness, eat your favorite foods with good company. Look up what boosts your oxytocin/serotonin levels and what reduces your stress and stress-related hormones. Especially chronic stress is a bad thing to have. To conclude this Segment of this Whole Brain Podcast, we have more music of Laurianne Fiorentino. This song, When I’m An Angel is again fun and spicy and will definitely remind you to follow your passions, and to raise your frequency and to cease playing games. You can go to her website, which is lauriamusic.com will get you to lauriannefiorentino.com where she has all of her music and concert updates including her high vibe Elemental Concert Series which is here in Santa Fe ~ nothing like live music, especially the oldest church, The San Miguel Chapel ~ which is now solar powered! The next Elemental Concert Series is October 6th here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you prefer to be in the privacy of your home, you can also listen to her music, complimentary, on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and other such formats, I’m sure. So enjoy the title track song “When I’m An Angel.” by Laurianne Fiorentino.

And just wanted to mention, by the way, the co-producers of my Podcasts are Molly, Angel and others of Mdesignsmarketing.com. Have a look at their website. They are awesome. So proud of them. I love them so much.

When I grow up I want to be an angel
I want to fly away, I wanna watch over every little baby
When I grow up someday
When I get weary, and I feel so small
I can barely stand on my own
When I’m An Angel I promise I will carry
All the troubles of the world away
Until then I’m gonna walk by the river
Knowing my thirst for you will be broken

Oh, When I’m An Angel
I’ve been living for a long long time
Battered by rage and warmed by your sweet love
I wanna rest easy in the shelter from the storm
Before my wings carry me away
When I grow up I want to be an angel
And leave my bones by the old oak tree
You’ll know I’m gone when the rain starts a comin’
Water like promises over the ground.

End Part II


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