Episode Two

Theme(s): Courage | Whole Brain | David R. Hawkins | Taming Our Pride and Ego

Stop and Smell the Roses

First will include some Leftovers from the 1st Episode On Courage. I do want to remind you that what you hear here is offered to Assist you in cultivating a greater appreciation of the many Blessings of your life ~ I encourage you, to be the Curator of your own Life. Do even Better than you already are doing. Cheerleader! Coach!

Raise Your Frequency Vibe!

I would add, I am the voice of the collective. Some of the feedback I received after the first Episode: my voice was melodious, nurturing, nourishing, calming, centering & grounding. And the podcast itself was uplifting and positive. Thank you for that feedback. Tis greatly appreciated.

I do want to review, what I mean by Whole Brain Podcast?- to unify the left and right brain, to rewire our humanness/humanity, introduce your left and right brain to each other; WHY? In my opinion, LIFE WORKS BETTER TOGETHER when we come from our whole brain and I do feel like we’ve been pushed/abused even, engaging our left brain ONLY. Have you noticed how much more is on the computer and how much more is robotics? “They” have not wanted us to be emotional. My brother used to say “You, Americans hug too much.” He didn’t like America so much. Lived in Germany for a while and Australia. There is a time and a place for sure for left brain. What DOES the left brain do? Good for Analyzing, scientific, non-emotional, logic, reason, practicality – Awesome! Right? correct?) What DOES the RIGHT BRAIN DO? The part I feel they’ve been trying to shut down. They’ve been trying to do this for a long time. (Holistic, i.e. deals with the whole vs parts, evaluation, detects essence, sees the patterns, very creative, comprehension/meaning, non-linear, engages the Intuition~ helps you get out of the way – needed for labor. i.e low lighting, quiet, not moving the Mom move too much – allows her to sink into right brain more). Whole Brain Podcast Effect is that it brings on FULL ON CONNECTIVITY.

Stop and Smell the Roses ~ “Slow down you move too fast…remember that song from the 60’s, 70’s?… you gotta make the morning last just, kicking down the cobblestones, looking for fun and feeling Groovy.” Used to think that word was so cool – Groovy. Looked up recently on the web: means: wonderful, marvelous, excellent, performing well, as in you’re in the groove – jazz slang term from the 1930’s. Slow Down and Stop & Smell the Roses. You can light a candle everyday. I know you can. Every day you can slow down, stop and smell the roses, I know you can. Pay attention to what’s going on around you. No more Excuses. No more Reasons.

Fast forward to Quote: Insert / Was so excited about this. / Sure you can get this on-line

  •  New Quote on Courage from the book “Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior” by David. R. Hawkins, M.D & PhD ~ he measures the
    characteristics of Energy Levels of Human Consciousness, by David R. Hawkins. He is an MD and a PhD. He has practiced Psychiatry since 1952 and is a life member of the American Psychiatric Association. He has published numerous scientific papers and videotapes and co authored the book Orthomolecular Psychiatry with Nobelist Linus Pauling. He has a diverse background as a teacher and researcher and has a biographical listing in the Who’s Who in America (Deceased now, at the age of 85, as of 2012).
  • Discovered in that process that Courage is the turning point: Ways in which we feel Power/Empowerment – A study he and his comrades did. Profound and far reaching.
    All Levels below 200 are Destructive. Beginning of that Scale starting at 20 going to 1,000 ~ Courage is the Fulcrum at 200. I will let you know what comes before and after courage. Courage/Power/Energy. I equate power with energy.
  • Again all levels below 200 go weak and are destructive. All Levels Above 200 are Constructive. Do not wallow. Vulnerability.
  • Courage is taking a leap of faith: does require strength, determination, fortitude.
  • At lower levels: the world is seen as hopeless, sad, frightening, or frustrating.
  • At the level of Courage, life is seen to be exciting, challenging and stimulating.
  • Courage implies the willingness to try new things, and deal with the changes and challenges of life. Empowerment/cope and effectively handle opportunities of life.
  • At 200, the energy to learn new job skills is available.
  • Growth and education become attainable goals.
  • Capacity to face fears or character defects and to grow despite them.
  • Anxiety does not cripple endeavor as it would at lower stages of evolution.
  • Obstacles that defeat people whose consciousness is below 200 act as stimulants to this who have evolved into the first level of true power or empowerment.
  • Draining at lower levels vs. at higher levels; put back energy into environment.
  • Productivity begins.
  • Evolved. Evolution.
  • Below 200 is Shame, Guilt, Apathy, Grief/Sadness, Fear, Desire, Anger, Pride.
  • Above 200 is Neutrality, Willingness, Acceptance, Reason, Love, Joy, Peace, Enlightenment.
  • Time for Music
  • “Power vs Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior” by David. R. Hawkins, M.D & PhD ~ he measures the characteristics of “Energy Levels of Human Consciousness.” Devour this book. Will uplift you.

SONG: KALYANI & Circle Up / “I Let Love” / Kalyani Collection / 5:53
Why did I choose that song it? It’s Simple, Slow, Repetitive. I love it. It’s beautiful.

Kalyani is from Rough & Ready CA go to https://soundcloud.com/kalyani-marsh for more songs by Kalyani

End Part I

Second Segment of this Podcast is called Wake up and Smell the Coffee!

Challenge you a Bit More ~Take it up a Notch Focus is On Taming Our Ego/Pride

Review Very Quickly How to Raise Your Frequency:

  • Relax/De-stress/Reduce stress
  • Educate, Show Up more,Pray for Direction ~ Day or Night: Light a Candle/No Excuses
  • Do More Right Brain Activities!
  • Rest/Sleep More! Engage in Sensual Exploration more!
  • Make another List of what you’re grateful for!
  • Be Curious! Explore! Be Adventurous (Take Risks) & even be Playful.
  • Again, What are your Passions? Discover them.
  • Protect Oneself.
  • Start visualizing/daydreaming what could be; know that what you attract is created by your thoughts and words.
  • New task is to achieve balance between work & family ~ that’s a hard one, right?
  • Get to know your ancestors (and their stories, passed down orally from generation to generation ~ which are often true ~ so my great teacher of the Constellation Way, taught us). In this Culture we don’t know about our ancestors ~ don’t have to be deceased; for example, your parents are considered your ancestors too.
  • Call in your ancestors to be involved ~ gather/include in your ancestors in your personal power protection team (gather those in the unseen dimensions).
  • My brother looked at our ancestors in Germany & France. Went back to the 15th Century. Check out your history a bit more. Don’t care for Ancestry.com.
  • Strength in Numbers ~ take action with others ~ that requires Courage. Do action with others or have a friend/ mentor support and help you! A life line.
  • Engage the Biblical principle of whenever “two or more are gathered.”
  • Quotes on Ego/Pride: From: “Power vs. Force”: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D.
  • People ~ Elite have acquired wealth, fame, attention ~ which has distorted their egos and reinforced the small self instead of the big Self.
  • Small Self is vulnerable to flattery; big Self is an aspect of our more evolved nature which is humble and grateful for success.
  • Evolved Ego is more humble, grateful, cordial, sensitive, caring.
  • Alignment: attractor patterns and fields ~ weak and high-energy
  • Less evolved ego is more destructive and corrupting; depending how it is integrated into our personality: can become arrogant, egotistical, officious, controlling ~ when given a small amount of authority vs the knowing of people of great authority who are more cordial, sensitive and caring, more gracious, open and giving.
  • What do you think?
  • Quotes on Pride: Another Level of Human Consciousness that was rated ~ just before courage.
  • Pride can be removed from us (relies on external ~ what is outside of ourselves) and can knock us back to into feelings of shame, guilt or fear, when influences are taken away
  • United States Marine Corp.
  • Pride is outside of ourself. Without external conditions, pride can suddenly revert to lower levels.
  • Whereas courage is more internal.
  • Pride can be defensive, divisive (can give rise to factionalism), can also be arrogant and in denial ~ blocks growth.
  • And the inflated ego is vulnerable to attack.
  • That’s interesting, right?
  • Taming ~ Look it up. Our pride and ego: keep seeing petting big lion/big cat. Taming is about raising our frequency
  • Going to introduce you to Chris Chickering: Go out with some Music toTickle your Right Brain

Chris Chickering / Freedom Lies Within – Extended Version / The Resurrection of Me /



Hopefully this segment has Wiped some of the Sand From Your Eyes and helped you to remove that which impedes you from having breakthroughs and to wake up!
“Engage your Senses (put your Smart phone down and look up) & Be Whole Brained in your Approach: Be Smart/Wise/Intelligent/Forthcoming in your Choices (know WHY you are doing this activity), Be Fiercely Loving, Kind, Generous, Boundried, Open-Minded, Open-Hearted. Trusting. Know you are Divinely Guided, Divinely Protected. Be Your own CURATOR and ask what resonates with you (might even have a tuning fork or sound healing session – one way to turn on your right brain). Hopefully this segment has helped you Wipe the Sand From Your Eyes (at least some of it) and helps you to remove what
Impedes you (at least some of it) from having Breakthroughs and to Wake Up!”

End Part II

Stretch! (Out of your Comfort Zone)

1. 1. Link goes to Michelle Moore’s podcast on 5/24/23 https://rumble.com/v2prvra-the-

Cue in Bystander Piece 10:00-12:47

Being a Bystander: The Choice is Yours. Commit to NOT being a BYSTANDER (show & share thought/opinions afterwards).

  • List 3 things you are going to DO (not just think about) in order to fulfill/take action on
    your commitment to doing something courageous aka out of the box/matrix.
  • Challenge yourself NOT TO DISCONNECT/NUMB OUT (is that what society wants you to do. Be PRESENT. Don’t blindly follow the sheeple.
  • Challenge Yourself! You will Move Some Molecules! View the movie “Sound of Freedom.” Take a “normie” friend and discuss afterwards over tea/coffee or food.

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