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Open Hearts, Open Doors


I feel we are healing centuries old wounds – wounds cascading down through our DNA, passed on from one generation to the next – eager to find, as my friend calls it, the lineagal lightening rod…that one person in their family line who willingly chooses to see, feel, hear and dare to live differently…with an open heart that compassionately embraces the forgiveable and the unforgiveable. As I listen to the many stories of my sisters and brothers who sit with me in the gentleness of my home, I feel a common thread that connects us all. It’s disguised as pain, distress and unworthiness – at core is the belief of separation – somehow, some cruel and unloving, wounded shadows have led us to believe that we are separate – separate from Source, Creation or Divine Nature, that we’re somehow not worthy of Her ever present Beauty, Love and Grace.

What BS I say.

What an illusion that sinewy wounded shadow has tightly woven. For nearly two years now since my mother’s passing, I’ve sat many a morning by myself loving that Shadow to it’s merciful deathbed. Through the many rituals, through active prayer and other forms of peacemaking, I feel I have finally put to rest that persistent Voice of unPresence, of unLoving. You must commit to do that for yourself too…reign in the Shadow, love it to death and then reclaim the Love that You are and Be Obedient to your Own Heart.

Upgrade your reality. Do it Now. Do it Consistently.

Befriend Your Heart and let your Heart dissolve the festering belief in lack and separation. Be One with your own Divine Nature. Trust the Wisdom of Your Heart and then Lead from Your Heart. Everyday, several times a day, consistently refine yourself and serve Love. Yes, you can Trust Love Again, beginning with Your Own Love. Trust Your Love. Know that your Love is Pure and True. Separation cannot exist in the Presence of Love and so why wouldn’t you commit to transform every single agreement of Separation you’ve been duped into. Gracious, my dear friend, aren’t you ready to give up pain, lack, worry, longing, hoping, limitation and envy? Yes. Yes you are.

After a while, when you’ve had enough time to yourself to reclaim your Heart, then reach out and Touch another. A gentle, healing touch goes a long, long way and reawakens the DNA that knows that Touch is Love. Then gently embrace another and allow another to embrace you…long and longer yet, so that the Heart begins to remember what Love feels like. Open your Heart more and more, dissolving all illusion of separation and reclaiming Love as your foundational and most beautiful Essence.

Please, rise above from what’s been holding you back, in giving and receiving Love, and put your Faith in the Magical Moments unfolding before you.

As now to the music with our troubador friend, Chad Wilkins who sings, “Just one Touch, one touch changes everything. And Chad again closes that set with more as he implores us “Don’t be afraid- Be A Friend. Open the door. Trust again once more.” And Kalyani, sandwiched in the middle, too reminds us to Let Love lead the way and be received from now on.

Love will know what to do.

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