Hope is a Four-Letter Word

Artwork by Elizabeth Rose.

I asked my friend, what should I speak about. He said Hope. I ruminated on Hope during one of my walks. This is what came to me.

Hope co-exists with Faith and Intention. Hope can be a place in your Mind & Soul to visit. Specifically, Hope is a valley where lush trees thrive and the hush of the air can be seen and felt in the low lying fog which covers the valley roof like a blanket. Below the fog, in the Valley of Hope exists many wonders, including all the four-letter words. Here are only some of them, starting with hope that came to me while I was walking: good, deep, mind, body, soul, loss, gain, pain, many, more, less, wait, stay, open, wide, true, love, hold, time, take, give, life, live, kiss, talk, make, dust, dirt, song, high, fall, snow, rain, tree, both, feel, heal, pure, cool, rose, free, rise, self, ease, save, want, lush, walk, hush, babe, and even that controversial four letter word that starts with a “f” and ends with a “k.” Yup, even the “f” word, when used with the “l” word – love – exists in the Valley of Hope as a four letter word. I’m sure you can fill in with many other four letter words to add to your own Valley of Hope, with Faith and good intentions.

What matters, my “walking buddies” in the unseen dimensions, told me, is that you keep your Valley of Hope alive – whether it be in real life or in your daydreams matters not. Just keep Hope alive. Keep Faith Alive. Set your Intentions every day, not to achieve a particular outcome, but simply to show up, transmit Love, cast not judgment and negativity AND choose to be here. I say, with confidence, keep your eye on the target of Hope. Have Faith. Intend with laser focus and love, then all will be well. Don’t focus on the Valley of Hell, like some are imagining, wishing, wanting with all their will. Don’t focus on the negative nor judge it. This is why you were given the choice: in choosing the right use of your will. What will you choose?

Next to the Valley of Hope, Faith and Intention many other valleys exist: like the Valley of the Heart, where great beauty resides and all the 5 letter words exist, like: peace, grace, apple, peach, grape, heart, mouth, earth, water, voice, create, birth, death, light, empty, quiet, unite, tears and much more. Be sure to visit the Valley of the Heart and many others that lie before you.

To compliment my Rosie’s Rumination today I chose a song by Michael Franti which illuminates the word Faith. Indeed, as he says, “when the hard times come, you know the teacher is in the room.” And he says, “you’re not alone…don’t let it go…have a little faith in me and I’ll have a little faith in you.”

We may be going through hard times, individually and collectively right now, but just knowing you chose to be here, you’ve shown up with Love, helps me to have a little more faith and hope, in me and in you and in the new world we are creating together. Have a Great Day…truly.

And now to Michael’s sweet song, Have a Little Faith.

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