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When Love Wants To Hide

What does one do, when Love wants to Hide? Not for fear of being alive, but like a bud which is still cocooned tightly, exposure is risky and yet, it is what it is; timing is everything; perhaps it’s not ready to make it’s debut, by spreading it’s petals, gently opening wide, not knowing whether to open is to expose it’s Beauty and perhaps be singed in the glorious heat of the sunshine; in truth, it is an unsought for choice; the timing of it’s arrival, ensured solely by its own creative impulse to open.

What does one do, when a newborn wants to Hide. Perhaps for fear of being alive, because his Journey into the new world was fraught with fear of loss and a certain terror that kept his eyes closed, afraid to see what he might see – his mother not there to greet him, his father’s soul lost at sea, enveloped in tears; What does one do, when a newborn keeps his body closed into, it’s in-utero safety of his well- worn fetal position.

With Love, you offer him a safe place. With Love, you touch him gently so that he can begin his Journey of release, letting go of his fear and residing no longer there, but accepting his incarnation here, and all that comes with that. With Love and kindness you Listen intently and openly to his story. And when you think he has shared all that his crying body declares, you wait and lovingly invite him to share more.

The more the newborn cries and shares his story, and you listen, the more the terror melts the prison of his body in which he fearfully encased himself. And then unexpected, unasked for beauty happens. Like the rosebud which opens, when the right moment arrives, he lets go completely of his bodily stress and fear; his legs, arms, torso, spine and face, in unison, all relax and open to the sunshine above, below and all around him. In a miraculous gesture of trust and wonder, he opens his eyes ease fully for the first time since he was born.

Big, chocolate brown eyes and long, dark lashes. He instantly turns his head to his mother and his eyes meets hers and Love is returned to them both once again. They gaze at one-another for a long time, like Lovers deeply in love. “Thank You Little One, for making the Journey to be here now.” “Gracias,” his mother says in her native tongue. “Gracias.” And then he turns his head swiftly to see his father; the safe harbour of skin-to-skin contact who held him here, like the roots of the hurricane blown tree, which tenaciously holds the tree’s connection to the Earth Mother. So too, did his father hold him here dearly and tenaciously after the treacherous Journey of his birth. And again, like Lovers deeply in love, father and son gaze at one another, seeing each other new, in such a Way. In this moment, the new family was born. Love, did not fear being Alive. Love did not want to hide any more.

Choose Love over Fear. Choose wisely and with your eyes wide open. Choose Love and Breathe before you speak. Breathe before you act. Breathe before you decide. Choose well my friend.

And now for an old Love song many of you will remember from Roberta Flack. May the moon and the sun be the Gifts you give, to the dark and the endless skies. With Love, from your Angels above.

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