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Become A Grace Adder


Be a Grace Adder today. A term, dear one, Flo Magdalena shared with me a few days ago. Enhance your surroundings with Grace. Pour the sweet unencumbered energy of Grace over all that is void of Love.

What is Grace anyway you may ask – to me Grace is a lighthearted brushstroke of the Divine, with a mixture of love, truth and caring bestowed to the one whom you are adding Grace to. For me, the feeling of Grace resides in my heart. Wikipedia says of Grace – quote, “simple elegance or refinement of movement; the bestowal of blessings” – I like that. When I think of Grace, the vibration of the word to me feels feminine, simple, sensual, flowing, open and certainly a brushstroke of sweet uplifting blessings. Have you ever been to the Hanuman Temple in Taos during Shivaratri? Well, the sacred ceremony includes pitchers full of honey, yogurt or coconut milk poured over a smooth lingam stone, or cosmic egg, over and over again for hours on end. Oooh…such sweet Grace, and just one grace-filled aspect of this sacred ceremony.

I guess, this is in part how I define Grace. How ‘bout you? How would you define Grace?

It may help to take the time to visit the terrain of your Heart and make a connection with the feeling of Grace; Spend a little time this morning quietly connecting to the rhythmn of your very own heart, and as you do, see if you can feel Grace? Can you sense her? Perhaps you feel her as love or caring in your Heart…are you aware of some feeling of warmth or love towards someone, maybe for a pet or an enjoyable experience that you recently had? How ever small or grand, no matter which way you go, this warmth in your Heart, this love will always follow you, always be true, always be around. Is that not Grace?

Now, once you’ve rediscovered this Grace, lift your head up and consciously make the choice to add some Grace to your day and consciously choose to share it with someone or some place in the world, just by concentrating on that person or place in your quiet stillness, and adding some Grace. This is how you become a Grace Adder.

If you yourself are in need, then by all means, add some Grace to your own day. To begin with, you can call in Grace as you make a mindful choice of the clothing you select to wear – adding Grace in color, in flow and in comfort as you Grace your body in today’s clothing. You might even consider looking at the label, seeing what country this piece of clothing was made and for a moment close your eyes and offer Grace to those who contributed to the making of your clothing, as well as those who took part in the transport of your clothing perhaps from half way across the world. This is how you become a Grace Adder.

You can do a simliar blessing for your food…add Grace to the meal you make for yourself or another. Bestow the food with Blessings for good health, balance, healing and love and remember to send some Grace to all those involved in getting that food into your mouth. This is how you become a Grace Adder.

Later today, if you choose to go out in public, share a little Grace with the stranger next to you in line at the store. They don’t have to know – though a little smile is nice, whilst bestowing them with a sweet mist of of invisible Grace. This is how you become a Grace Adder.

Transform your World today and every day by adding some Grace, Caring, Truth, Love and Blessings. Not for self-aggrandizement, but simply because you care to.

And now, to a Grace-filled song called “Love is” by Chad Wilkins…which is a good reminder for us to also add some Grace to our skies, and bring down some more lovely rain to Grace our dry southwestern lands.

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