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Mothers, Daughters and Sons

Today is Mother’s Day. For the third year in a row I am without my mother and my daughter. My mom crossed over 3 years ago, and my 28 year old daughter continues her voyages on sea and land, straddling both worlds metaphorically and literally, grappling to find her good way in this chaotic world. As the generation, sandwiched between the two most significant, yet absent women in my life, I too strive to find balance with many of life’s challenges that we, as women, collectively face today…radical change, perceived loss, loneliness, reclaiming our authority, searching for the deeper meaning of it all, living without fear as our next step – all is replete with uncertainty. It’s free fall time for many; anxities abound, trust wears thin and we wonder about our security in the world. Lately I’ve heard from young mothers and women my daughter’s age how frightened, sad, stressed out, tired, confused and trapped they feel. In essence, damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

Please take a moment to search your soul and imagine what you would say to one of these young women or one of these mothers. They are afterall someone’s daughter or perhaps someone’s mother ~ as you are surely someone’s child– for you might be surprised to be given this rare opportunity to offer a loving, kind listening ear to one of these precious women, and then to offer a simple, but potent loving pearl of wisdom for their heart, mind, body and soul.

What would you say to them? What experience have you undergone that could you share with them that might reach their heart and soul and support a relevant shift for their betterment? Or what treasure of beauty could you gift them: some artwork or jewelry, a favorite music compilation or poem. My sense is that just your loving Presence will make a huge difference. Be the sound of love reaching out through the storm. Be the love that lends a helping hand to a young mom out in public who is stressing out, trying her best to manage the grocery cart, her tantruming kid and a grocery list she managed to scribble out before she left the house. Be the love that lends a few minutes of your time to hold space for a young woman who is in a state of distress as the energies are too intense for her to process on her own. Be the Love that you naturally are.

On this Mother’s Day, also open your own Heart to the beauty of the world around you: the blossoming flower, the gentle sound of the running water, see the injured bird, see the young one within you…in essence “mother” all around you today with tender, yet fiercely strong loving care. Be a LifeGiver today and offer your healing balm to those close to you, those strange to you, those different than you. Be sensitive. Be authentic and loving.

And as I have said in my Mother’s Day Ruminations the last two years – my Mother’s Day wish is that you please take some time today, set aside all the wrongs you may have in your heart and mind about your own mother, and instead send her healing, loving energy, and include your birth. Surround both of you in pure, white light and allow the Divine to bathe you both in Love. I can assure you, both of you will benefit. She is your mother, the only mother you will ever have. Thank her for passing Life onto you as you would give thanks to Mother Earth for sustaining you in all the Ways that she does, from sunrise to sunset and into the darkness of the night.

Now to the music. Here’s one of those songs I would share with a young woman or mother. An acapella piece by Tina Malia from her 2006 release The Silent Awakening called Holy Morn. Simple but oh so sweet.

This is for you my lovely daughter, Maia Aster and for my mother Irmgard Maria…and for all the daughters and mothers and sons who are hearing this today. You are Free.

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