When Your Dreams Tell You

it’s time to BLOOM!

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How Do You Choose?

Include your heart, mind, body and soul in choosing a “Guide” who is right for you. You will know. Use your Common Sense. We often turn to our mind first, and yet our mind alone is usually not a reliable compass, but can certainly help in terms of the practical things. I like to consider “all of me,” when making important decisions and so I tune into my Heart, my Mind, my Body and my Soul. Then, I get a clear answer. Next time you need to make an important decision, I encourage you to tune into “all of you,” but especially your Heart. Your Heart is the wise record keeper of all your life’s experiences and knows precisely what you need. Listen and Heed to Her Wisdom.

Also, I offer a 10 minute free consult which will help you in making a joyful decision for yourself as to whether or not you feel we are a good fit. I do know that I have gifts in guiding others. I very much like the feeling of supporting others to shine their light in the world!


“I feel deep gratitude for the blessing of working with Elizabeth Rose, an extraordinarily gifted Family Constellation Facilitator. Elizabeth creates an impeccably safe and sacred container in which to courageously explore challenging patterns and unresolved issues within one’s self and ancestral lineage. Her unique blend of intuitive wisdom, fierce compassion, and seasoned experience level, all serve to support profound life changing healing and resolution for her clients. Simultaneously, past, present, and future generations are all blessed by this amazing and transformational work.”

Ann-Marie Littlefield

Santa Fe, NM

“Elizabeth’s heartfelt love shines into her Family Constellation work. She holds the client’s family soul with fine-tuned intuition and profound knowledge. In my Constellation, Elizabeth opened the field beyond the personal, to include archetypal wisdom, surpassing all my expectations. It was a deeply enriching and healing experience.”

Hella Neumann

"Songs of the Ancestors" Certified Family Constellation Facilitator & Trainer (DGfS)

“Elizabeth Rose has dedicated her life to supporting women and families in their journeys of healing, transition, and bringing new life into the world. She offers her gifts to others with grace and integrity. Elizabeth’s extensive knowledge and skills are palpable in her touch, teachings, and presence – as is her tremendous warmth. It is an honor to work with her.”  

Isabel Washburn


Elizabeth Rose

Intuitive Common Sense Navigator & Healer
Family Constellation Facilitator
Women’s Wisdom Keeper
Radio Co-producer/Co-host
NM Licensed Massage Therapist and Instructor